Riding Style

Our itineraries are designed to suite all type of riders and can always be adapted to your riding style. During non-active part of days, our time is filled with interesting visits and activities and plenty of free time when you can relax by the pool, read a book or explore at your own pace.

Easy Rider

– I like biking on relatively flat to gently rolling roads with a few moderate and challenging hills.
– I’m happy riding around 30 to 65 km or 20 to 40 miles per day and open to use shuttle for longer ones. I would like some time for spa and massage.

Active Rider

– I enjoy biking on rolling and hillier terrain.
– I feel comfortable riding around 45 to 80 km or 30 to 50 miles per day and prefer to reach to the hotel on bike.

Pro Rider

– I love biking on rolling and mountainous terrain.
– I want to ride more than 80 km or 50 miles per day. I don’t mind rough and difficult patches along the way. I don’t need support but would be nice to have a van carrying my luggage and providing snacks.